Historical Background


Suje Florida University (SFU) is founded by SPP42 Company in 2018 SPP42 Company activity area is computer programming such as data analytics, big data, programming the several different issues. The company also establish a college which is located in Ankara Turkey. They have several other activity areas such as the sponsor of basketball league, symphony orchestra for child’s and so on …Emrah may write more complete history of SPP42

The second founder of the SFU is Prof. Dr. ****, Professor of Economics, received his Ph.D. in Economics from the Hacettepe University. He joined the faculty at Cankaya University in 2005. He also worked at Türk Hava Kurumu (THK) University in between the period 2015-2017. He is now the faculty of Atılım University Department of Economics at Ankara. He was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Commerce Department of Massey University, New Zealand 2006-2007.

In addition, he has received a number of prize such as Top Cited Article 2009-2011 “Testing unit root in nonlinear heterogeneous panels” Economics Letters, 2012; Ph.D. Thesis Award, Economic Research Foundation,2006, and best paper awards. He is the chief editor of Econometrics Letters and in the editorial board of Review of Economics. He has also published on topics in empirical macroeconomics and in nonlinear econometrics including the inflation threshold and growth nexus, the specification of monetary policy rules, the PPP, Fisher, RID, RIPH and other mostly used hypothesis in Economics. Finally, he has worked extensively on topics in nonlinear time series and panel time series econometrics with a special focus on unit root, and cointegration tests. He has proposed 7 nonlinear unit root test in time series and 5 in panel time series. He has also proposed 3 nonlinear panel cointegration test. Besides, he also proposed different estimators in nonlinear panel time series literature such as nonlinear common correlated effect estimator in heterogeneous and homogeneous panels. Finally, he has also proposed new models such as Nonlinear Multivariate GARCH-M model and he includes new tests to identification process of STAR-STARGARCH models. His selected publications are “Uçar N. and Omay T.,(2009) “Testing For Unit Root In Nonlinear Heterogeneous Panels” Economics Letters. 104(1), p. 5-7.”, “Omay,T. and Hasanov, M., (2010) “The Effects of Inflation Uncertainty on Interest Rates: Non-linear Approach. Applied Economics. 40(23), p. 2645-2658.”, “Nigmatullin R. R., Omay T. and Baleanu D. (2009) “On Fractional Filtering Versus Conventional Filtering In Economics: An Application and Comparison” Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 15(4), p. 979-986.”, “Omay, T. and Kan E. O., (2010) “Re-examining the Threshold Effects in the Inflation-Growth Nexus: OECD Evidence” Economic Modelling. 27(5), p. 996-1005.”, Emirmahmutoglu, F. Omay, T., (2014) "Reexamining the PPP hypothesis: A nonlinear asymmetric heterogeneous panel unit root test, Economic Modelling, 40(C), p. 184-190.”, “Omay, T., Yuksel, A., Yuksel, A., (2015) "An empirical examination of the generalized Fisher effect using cross-sectional correlation robust tests for panel cointegration," Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, Elsevier, 35(C), p. 18-29.”, “Omay, T. (2015) “Fractional Frequency Flexible Fourier Form to approximate smooth breaks in unit root testing”, Economics Letters, 134(C), p. 123-126.”, “Omay, T., Çorakcı A., Emirmahmutoğlu, F., (2017) “Real interest rates: nonlinearity and structural breaks” Empirical Economics, 52(1), p. 283-307.”, “Omay, T., Emirmahmutoğlu, F., (2017) “The comparison of power and optimization algorithms on unit root testing with smooth transition”, Computational Economics, 49(4), p. 623 – 651.” , “Omay, T., Eyden, R., Gupta, R. "Inflation-Growth Nexus in Africa: Evidence from a Pooled CCE Multiple Regime Panel Smooth Transition Model," Empirical Economics,.”, “Omay, T., Hasanov, M., Shin, Y., “Testing for Unit Roots in Dynamic Panels with Smooth Breaks and Cross-sectionally Dependent Errors” Computational Economics, (Forthcoming)”, “Omay, T., Emirmahmutoğlu F., Z. S. Denaux, (2017) Nonlinear Error Correction Based Cointegration Test in Panel Data, Economics Letters”.