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Science is dynamic and hence, scientific activities are at a rapid growth;
both becoming global and detailed in nature.

As a result of this it is becoming harder for universities to maintain their levels of education using aged methods, methods that cannot catch up with the dynamic conditions of the time. A dramatic increase in the rate of computer use and the introduction in newer technologies has left the current level of education in universities out of age and therefore, caused a reduction in skilled graduates.

In the 1800s, it can be seen from a scientific and philosophical point of view that a scientist had knowledge in many different areas other than his or her own. However, the situation started changing in the 1900s where the concept of specialization appeared and the isolation of each area within itself began. Universities followed the same trend and started producing knowledge within their narrow boundaries. Coming to 2000s, with the growth in technology, computer and data dimensions, the argument that students will be experts within their own areas due to the isolated education system, started to look like a dream.

Therefore, the interdiscipliner scientist model of the 1800s needs to be urgently transformed into an interdisciplinary university education model in this constantly evolving world. Algorithms of computer sciences, data analysis techniques of statistics and the analytical teachings of mathematics play a dominant role in the main texture of the interdisciplinary education. In today's university education, giving these courses one semester by two courses method arises problems for students who will graduate from the university as they will not have gained much in terms of their professional skills and abilities.

We, as University of Palm Beach, aim to teach the analytic techniques of computer software, mathematics and data analysis within an interdiscipliner dimension through our well developed curriculum. In this sense, it is aimed that the graduates will adapt to the newly developing technologies and to graduate with a sense of lifelong learning. This aim will be to provide the students with the ability to maintain their professional knowledge and skills, without having to be trained again and again, from the education they have received from our university.